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“Jackpot with ICT": DK-Ecofarm publishes ‘New Growing Seedling technique for Ginseng'

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Date 2019-12-23

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Ginseng is well known for fastidious cultivation, because it is greatly influenced by temperature and other factors.

For one-year-old ginseng seedlings, it can be considered as a ‘superior ginseng seedling’ when its weight exceeds 0.8g at least, and can be growing as so called ‘Gold-bounded' ginseng. However, controlling the growth is becoming harder due to global warming and abnormally high temperatures. Agricultural chemicals being used in growing ginseng seedlings may also sacrifice the quality.

Ginseng is a very sensitive crop but the story will be changed as we enter the era of fourth industrial revolution technology. Technology for growing ‘superior ginseng seedling’ and ‘sprout ginseng’ strongly as soon as possible without any pesticide has been developed by one of Korea's Smart Farm companies. It covers all technologies including big data IoT (Internet of Things).

This involves ‘ICT (information communication) based full control sealed ginseng process growing seedling system' developed by DK-Ecofarm (CEO Uigi Hong). It is ‘new seedling technology differentiated from the current way of hydroponic ginseng cultivation, and outstanding ‘very first’ new technology.

Firstly, it is the first method that does not require purchasing and storing of ginseng seedlings, whereas existing hydroponic ginseng culture requires one to buy and plant ginseng seedlings. Usually ginseng seedlings are trading in spring and autumn, and stored at low temperature for a long time for farming. However, this new technology allows cultivation from the seeds state. It reduces inconvenience of distributing and storing ginseng seedlings. It can prevent ginseng seedlings from being spoiled by mold and enables one to start cultivation in any of 365 days a year.

Secondly, the entire cultivation process is environmentally friendly. This has something in common with the advantage of standing cultivation from seeds. According to the explanation of the company, ginseng seedling used in existing method uses pesticides, may cause lesions in ginseng seedlings and heavy metal contamination problems, and the varieties management is also difficult. This technology starts with pesticide-free process from the seeds. DK-Ecofarm is developing technologies for 'organic nutrient solution’ and ‘microorganism derived mold reducing agent' used in cultivation and dormancy breaking processes, respectively.

This is possible because of support by an ICT-based full control sealed culture system. Environmental conditions required for ginseng growth such as temperature & humidity; luminous intensity; and carbon dioxide can be collected and optimized remotely with IoT. Ginseng process seedling control rules, technology transferred by the Rural Development Administration, are also embedded in this system. DK-Ecofarm established integrated environment control techniques utilizing big data based cultivation recipe DB (database).

This technique already passed through repeated experimental stages and is ready for commercialization. It is planned to supply Smart Farm facilities by remodeling secondhand containers.

Uigi Hong, CEO of DK-Ecofarm, said that “Because biology and IT patents are merged, one-year-old superior ginseng seedlings can be raised quickly within 100 days,“ adding that “It is verified that the average weight of the root of produced ginseng seedling is 0.8g. Moreover, the productivity per cultivated area is so high that stable supply will be possible." He continued to add, “Highlighting the feature of clean high quality, we will give consumers trust and contribute to boosting farmers' income."

"Jackpot with ICT": Ecofarm publishes ‘New Growing Seedling technique for Ginseng'

Money Today, June 21, 2019

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